Question: When can I purchase picks ?
Answer: You can purchase picks at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Question: How will I receive bought betting tips ?
Answer: As soon our team are released you will receive and e-mail.

Question: Will our team provide information for all matches available ?
Answer: No, we will provide tips only for selected matches that are verified by our Experts. We release tips only for matches where there is a strong confidence of winning.

 Question: Can I use your predictions from any country? 
Answer: As long as you have an internet connection, we don't see a problem following our tips, even if you are from Fiji Islands. So yes, not a problem, your country doesn't matter.

Question: Is there a trial period before I start paying for the service?
Answer: There really isn't a reliable way to screen a potential customer from an abuser, outside of having received a payment. A user who is intend to abuse the system can ask for trial from multiple emails, getting the tips all the time without paying.
We have tried offering free trial accounts in the past and have come to the conclusion that the benefit is not worth the risk involved. So we are not able to provide customers with free trial accounts.

Question: I'm a small stakes punter, can I purchase at a cheaper price?
Answer: Our performance speaks for itself, we recommend you to look for a few partners to share and purchase our tips. The price is fixed and the odds(tips) is high, once you tried our service, we are very sure you will be very satisfied.

Question: How much should I wager with your tips?
Answer: Generally speaking, betting tips by ​Betting Matches team have hugely successful strike rates. So, it's up to your own discretion on the amount of bets to place. Of course, it is fairly obvious to wager more than you paid for the tips. However, you should know your own limits and lay bets within your comfort zone.

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